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cae’s mini palette tutorial


WELL I’M LONG DUE FOR A TUTORIAL OF SOME KIND— i’ve already written an old albeit still relevant colour tutorial, as well as an mspaint one… but, each neglects to reveal a key trade secret to my colour palette ability

PAINT.NET's colour curves.

SO, for this tutorial i’m going to walk you through how i use colour curves to spice up my colour palettes… and perhaps yours as well LAUGHS!! 


SO! IN GENERAL i have two programs up when i draw. i have MSpaint (XP version) and i have PAINT.NET

First off, there’s really no cheating the system LOL. Create your base art with colours you find comfortable/pretty good-looking! 


That’s my base incidentally enough— (note: read my previous tutorials linked above if you’re curious as to how i did that). I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY encourage you to use your own art for this, not anyone else’s palettes because we’re looking at what colours suit *~your individual style/piece*~. 

ANYWHO! THE COLOURS TO MY aika pixel bust are workable/balanced, but I find that it is overall Pretty Dull. To spice things up i copy pasta the thing onto paint.NET.






OK! so, the below check boxes affect each colour amount in your picture! the red channel only affects red, green green blue blue. if both the red and green are checked, it affects the yellow. if red and blue purple, if green and blue cyan! RGB all checked affects luminosity.

THERE ARE A BUNCH of technical hoozits and what’s its but i’m going to suggest you ignore that and just fiddle around with things. (if it’s helpful tho, left affects the darker areas of your art, right affects the lighter areas; moving curves above the main diagonal line increases the amount of colour in your piece, moving curves below the main diagonal line drains the amount of checked colours in your piece. YOU’LL SEE. PLEASE JUST TRY IT—)


OK!! So here’s an example of Me Playing With My Art. you’ll note how i made the darker tones *VERY RED*! I also made the light-midtones NOT VERY BLUE but the lighter tones *VERY BLUE*!! 

It looks a Lot More Interesting than the original…

BUT! Since we’re not relying merely on a machine but your eyes as well… I also notice that while i really like what these curves did to my piece… the oranges are really too jarring.

SO! I take it back onto paint where i manually edit the orange


i note that the orange is too saturated so i manually eyeball and pick an orange that’s less saturated!

if you’re like me and enjoy pecking at the numbers you can get very precise with this (i actually decreased orange by 10 values). if you’re not (you really don’t have to be), then loosey-goosey is good enough!


(left is colour curved, right is corrected manually)

ANNDDD REPEAT AD NAUSEUM !! HAND EDIT YOUR COLOURS! PLAY WITH THOSE CURVES! and at the end, pick the result you like best and impress your friends.


are the ones i came up with! i’d end one of the last three because it’s accurate to the original design! i like second row bottom and first row second one over tho… so i’d keep those for a rainy day/future pieces.

either way! these are the kind of colour schemes that you’ll know looks good on your stuff… b/c well, they’re colours tailored with your stuff and personal tastes in mind!


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