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One metaphor I find particularly demonstrative of asexuality is as follows: for people who experience such attractions, sexual intimacy is akin to water and air. It isn’t a want so much as it is a necessity. To be without is to be acquainted with suffering (and also possibly death). As for those who feel none of these urges, it’s more like a plate of… pancakes. I like pancakes, but there is no overwhelming urge telling me that I must eat them. I might, for example see other more appetizing things to consume—or, I might not be hungry at all, opting instead to take a hike or draw or read or watch TV.  If such a free and metaphoric meal were to be placed in my hands, I would find no reason not to eat some

But, ultimately, a lack of pancakes in my life will not cause me suffering (or possibly death). 

The rest can be viewed by clicking the following links… 

But i’m going to leave the ally/HOW TO BE NICE TO ASEXY PEOPLE stuff unlinked b/c that’s actually pretty important. 

ANYWAY. I DID A PRESENTATION ON ASEXUALITY FOR THE LGBT resource center where i intern (u kno in addition to suffering uni student and also writing tutor LOL)!!! SO HEY ILL JUST SHARE WHAT I DID BECAUSE KNOWLEDGE IS A+! it’s a hell of a lot more interesting when i’m actually making my sassy comments… but at least you get to admire the textwalls—

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